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Technical Specification / Stage Plan


Tech Requirements

Lighting and Set

6 of 8 x 4 risers Lite Deck, Steel deck or equivalent at a minimum of 18 inches high
1 Piano tuned to ‘A’ 440Hz
4 Colour wash Red, Blue, Amber & O/W
3 Specials which will be focused on the day
1 Follow spot plus operator


FOH PA system capable of uniform coverage of the venues Auditorium.
1 FOH mixing console positioned in the auditorium capable of running 16 Mic lines and 4 stereo returns (No Digital Desks Please).
2 FX units (Yamaha, Lexicon ECT).
3 channels of Graphic EQ (Klark Technik, XTA, BSS ect).
1 way monitor mix with 1 pair of stage monitor.
1 FOH Sound Engineer

Dressing Rooms

1 Star dressing room for sole use of the MD
1 Dressing room for Female band members and vocalist
2 Large dressing rooms for the other band members
1 Production office

The company tours all its own mics, stands and leads. There is an amount of flexibility to the show but if there are any issues with the above list please contact Brian Bluck (tour manger)  he will endeavour to solve any problems before we arrive at your venue making life easy for all duty techs and touring staff.